Amid recent developments with COVID-19 (The Corona Virus), we are enacting a plan to help protect our clients and our team. These plans will be updated with the changing environment surrounding the Corona Virus. Please monitor your email for further developments.

So far, there is no evidence that pets can transmit the virus back and forth with humans. We are not concerned about handling or treating your pets. Our concern is human to human transmission.  The greatest risk for transmission is through airborne particles. Our exam rooms and waiting spaces are small, and a single cough could infect every person in the room. Surface contamination is another mode of transmission and is something we already manage in our routine operations. We routinely disinfect surfaces, wash our hands, and avoid touching our faces to prevent transmission between patients and between humans. We are adjusting our practices to focus more on limiting exposure between humans.

Our Internal Cleaning Plan

  • We have medical grade disinfectant that we are using to clean the front desk surfaces and the credit card terminals after each user.
  • Our credit card machine allows for remote signature capture and receipts, making payment easy in-person or over the phone. Please do not pay in cash (if possible) to minimize surface transmission.
  • In addition to our usual exam room cleaning, we are cleaning the exam room door handles and furniture between appointments with disinfectant.
  • We are using medical grade disinfectant to clean the outside door handle as much as possible throughout the day. The front door can be pushed open – on the way out – without touching it.
  • We are disinfecting our office phones, desks, keyboards and mouse surfaces multiple times a day.

Concierge Service

To minimize human-to-human contact we are limiting the number of people in our building by enacting car-side concierge for all services. When you arrive at our hospital, please stay in your vehicle and call 303-424-1314 to let us know of your arrival.

If you are visiting for an appointment:

Once we speak to you over the phone, we will then retrieve your pet from the car. Please be prepared to speak with a team member about your pet’s symptoms and/or the reason for their visit from your car or over the phone. A nurse and doctor will meet with your pet in an exam room, perform a physical exam, and a doctor will call you to discuss the findings and provide recommendations. We will then return your pet to you with any medications and assist with payment. Credit cards are preferred.

If you are picking up medication or food:

Please call 303-424-1314 to notify us of your arrival and wait in your vehicle. Our team will bring your items to your vehicle and assist with payment. Credit cards are preferred. Please use our Online Pharmacy for non-emergent prescription refills.

If you are sick and your pet needs to be seen please send your pet with a non-symptomatic friend or family member. Please also provide your phone number and/or written authorization for treatment.

Medication and Food Supply

  • There is a heightened demand for pet food and manufacturer delays in the delivery of certain diets, especially large bags. Impacted manufacturers include Royal Canin and Hills.
  • Due to our reliance on global pharmaceutical manufacturing, there may be future problems with medication supplies. Currently there are no issues with getting medications. We will be monitoring the situation and work around any supply chain problems the best we can.
  • Please plan to use our Online Pharmacy for non-emergent prescription and food refills. This an option for pets who don’t need medication or food immediately, although there is an option for next day shipping for an additional cost.

Our goal is for Clear Creek Animal Hospital to be the least hazardous place you visit so your pets can continue to receive care when they are sick or injured – without a risk to your own health. We also want our team members healthy so we can continue to provide you with excellent care. As always, feel free to call or email us with any questions.