Update: WE WON 3rd Place in donations – totaling in $1,174!  We also won 6th in the Field Day event!

Thank you for donating to PetAid and helping us reach our goal of $1,000.

We’re in It to Win It!

Clear Creek Animal Hospital has assembled a crack team of Veterinary Professionals to represent our clients and community at the 2016 VRCC Battle of the Hospital All Stars.

*The All Stars competition is a HUGE field day fundraiser that benefits Pet Aid Colorado – The safety net for Denver’s underprivileged pets.

Much like the Olympics of the Veterinary Industry, each of our team members has specialized skills that will help us bring home the gold.  You know them already, but did you know their secret skills?

Kevin – The Strong Arm Marie – The Warrior Queen Niki – The Cat Whisperer Lexi – The Firecracker Kaitlin – The Balance Master

Please consider donating to PetAid to support our team and help us bring home the Gold Medal!