Low-Cost Vaccine, License and Microchip Clinics

In partnership with Arvada Animal Management, we are happy to offer three opportunities to vaccinate, license and microchip your pets at low-cost. These clinics are a first-come, first-served event so be sure to get there early!

Dental Month

Back by popular demand! Dental Month is here, and for those that don’t know yet, this means HUGE discounts on dental procedures and products.

Because of the high-volume of procedures we perform this time of year we have extended our 20% off deal into March. Book your pet’s dental exam today!

Enjoy some before and after pictures from our most recent dental procedures:

The dog’s teeth look amazing. Feel free to show them to customers. You did a great job and should be able to show your work. -Brian J. (Rahlin’s Dad)

Volunteer Opportunities

All children between the ages of 8 and 18 are welcome to volunteer or shadow for an afternoon at Clear Creek Animal Hospital. You can read more about developing and encouraging your child’s passion for veterinary medicine in this blog post.

We recently hosted a volunteer afternoon where three young ladies learned the basics of veterinary medicine. We talked about biology basics, compassionate care, laboratory procedures, surgery, and … POOP!