We are so excited you decided to register your pet for Clear Creek Animal Hospital’s Weight Loss Challenge.  Here are the steps you need to take to register and get started:

  1. Complete the registration form here.
  2. Submit your pet’s ‘before’ picture here.
  3. Weigh your pet at Clear Creek Animal Hospital and pick up your pet’s registration packet. You may bring your registration form and photo to this visit instead of e-mail if you prefer.
  4. Schedule your bi-weekly weigh ins by calling 303-424-1314 or stopping by.

At your pet’s first weigh in you can expect:

  • A registration packet with weight loss tools to help you through the challenge.
  • Your pet’s nutritional analysis, with specific instructions on how to feed your pet in order to achieve weight loss.
  • A discussion with one of our team members regarding the different brands of diet foods available for your pet.

Prizes will be awarded to pets that lose weight during the challenge.  Each weigh in is an opportunity to win, and there are some great prizes both you and your pet will enjoy.  The pet that loses the most weight and achieves their target goal will be awarded the Grand Prize!

If you are registering a cat please call 303-424-1314 to schedule your cat’s at home weigh ins.

Are you looking for other resources to help your pet lose weight? Check out these links:

Association for Pet Obesity Prevention: www.petobesityprevention.org