Dental care is very important, regardless of a pet’s age, breed, or size. By four year of age, 80% of dogs and cats have developed dental disease that needs professional care.

Our dental services include teeth cleaning, extractions, treatment of oral diseases, and oral surgery. We are equipped with digital dental radiography which allows us to quickly take superb dental x-rays and minimizes anesthesia time for your pet.

At-home dental care is recommended for pets as soon as the baby teeth erupt. To aid in caring for your pet’s teeth at home, we carry a wide variety of at-home care products, including rawhides, prescription food, water additives, oral rinses, and a variety of flavored toothpaste your pets will love. Most importantly, because one size does not fit all, we are available to help you find the best products for your pet and assist you in learning how to provide dental care for your pet at home.

Your pet’s oral health will be evaluated at every physical exam. If a dental cleaning or other oral procedures are recommended, a detailed customized treatment plan will be developed and discussed with you. The dental procedures are either Basic, Moderate or Advanced depending on the level of tartar and gingivitis seen.
You will be called during the dental procedure if the X-rays reveal a need for a higher level of treatment.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (303) 424-1314.