Dental care is very important, regardless of a pet’s age, breed, or size. By four years of age, 80% of dogs and cats have a developed dental disease that needs professional care.

Our dental services include teeth cleaning, extractions, treatment of oral diseases, and oral surgery. We are equipped with digital dental radiography which allows us to quickly take superb dental x-rays and minimizes anesthesia time for your pet.

At-home dental care is recommended for pets as soon as the baby teeth erupt. To aid in caring for your pet’s teeth at home, we carry a wide variety of at-home care products, including rawhides, prescription food, water additives, oral rinses, and toothpastes.

We strongly recommend pets over the age of six complete the Pre-Anesthetic Bloodwork to insure the pet’s safety under anesthesia and a smooth recovery.

Basic Treatments

Once we have had the opportunity to examine your pet and assess their oral health we can schedule them for their Basic Dental Procedure. Most basic dental procedures take only an hour to complete and allow us to deeply scale and polish your pet’s teeth. We can then apply a fluoride treatment to help prevent any further dental disease. While your pet is under anesthesia we can also take the time needed to assess the health of each tooth and probe along the gum line to highlight any teeth that may have disease forming underneath the gum tissue. We recommend that your pet come in once a year for this level of cleaning to help avoid the necessity for any extractions.

Advanced Treatments

Advanced Dental Procedures

If your pet requires an extensive procedure to cure it of dental diseases, Dr. Lindsey is the clear choice.
Dr. Lindsey is a board member of the American Veterinary Dental Society, and has extensive knowledge of canine and feline dentistry.

Advanced dental procedures at Clear Creek Animal Hospital always start with a thorough cleaning of the mouth. Certified Veterinary Technicians scale the calculus and tartar from the teeth, then polish them. Next, Dr. Lindsey takes digital dental radiographs, or X-rays, of your pet’s mouth to asses the level of disease below the gum line. Dr. Lindsey then probes each tooth further for any signs of dental disease.

If a severe amount of disease is present, teeth may need to be extracted. Dr. Lindsey numbs each area and provides ample pain medication for every pet receiving dental extractions.

When your pet is finished with their dental procedure, they are awoken from anesthesia in the arms of a Certified Veterinary Technician and kept comfortable in a bed while they recover. Your Certified Veterinary Technician will have a lot of things to cover when you pick up your pet from his or her procedure, so be sure to schedule at least 30 minutes to go over instructions for care at home.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (303) 424-1314.