Laboratory Services at Clear Creek Animal Hospital

Our in house laboratory facilities allow us to quickly evaluate your pet’s health. We are able to perform a wide variety of serum chemistries, urinalysis and parasite testing. We also utilize a commercial veterinary laboratory for special diagnostics such as cytology and biopsy. Specialists are also available for consultations at no charge.

In-house Laboratory
Clear Creek Animal Hospital has a full service diagnostic laboratory that allows us to perform many tests such as chemistry profiles, complete blood counts, fecal tests, urinalyses, heartworm tests, feline leukemia and FIV tests and cytologies. Having an in-house laboratory allows us to receive quick and accurate results, which helps to better diagnose your pet.

Blood screening is performed before any pet undergoes anesthesia to assure there are no underlying conditions that would complicate your pet’s surgery.

Reference Laboratory
In addition to our in-house laboratory, Clear Creek Animal Hospital also utilizes outside laboratories for more in-depth testing. These laboratories can perform the same tests as our in-house laboratory, as well as microscopic cultures, histopathologies, thyroid testing and more in-depth fecal tests. Most results are back within 24 hours, which helps us to diagnose and treat your pet in a timely manner.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (303) 424-1314.