You can get just about anything online these days, including your pet’s medications.  But do you worry about the integrity of the pharmacy you’re ordering from?  You wouldn’t order your own medications online from an unknown pharmacy, so why do the same for your pet?

Clear Creek Animal Hospital is happy to introduce a solution, our own online pharmacy!

We have helpful apps for online pharmacy users that help make ordering and delivery a seamless task.

Our favorite features of our pharmacy include:

  • Free shipping for orders over $50.
  • ‘Remind Me’ feature that reminds owners when their pet’s prescription is running low.
  • ‘Auto Ship’ feature that ships owners their pet’s medications before they run out.
  • Specials and coupons to help owners save money on their pet’s prescriptions.
  • Secure ordering and the guarantee that veterinary professionals handle the prescription.  Not a human pharmacist or a human pharmacy technician.

Click on the image below to be taken to our online pharmacy.