Heartworm disease is a deadly disease that is currently on the rise in Colorado. In 2017, Clear Creek Animal Hospital treated 10 dogs with Heartworm disease. In 2013, we only treated 2 cases of Heartworm disease. If your pet is not currently taking a monthly Heartworm preventive medicine they are not protected from this disease and are therefore at risk for contracting it.

Monthly preventative is easy to give. Clear Creek Animal Hospital carries Heartgard, a yummy once-a-month treat with a small amount of preventive medicine in it. Heartgard also prevents intestinal parasites from making your dog’s GI tract their new home!

Testing your pet for Heartworms is recommended before starting a monthly preventive. Because of the slow nature of the disease, many dogs do not show symptoms until the adult Heartworms have infested the blood vessels and heart chambers. This test is very simple, it requires 3 drops of blood and only takes 10 minutes to perform.

The doctors at Clear Creek Animal Hospital recommend dogs take preventive Heartworm medicine year-round. If you have any questions about Heartworms please contact (303) 424-1314.

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